YewView Plan1

About Yew View

Yew View is a 7 acre garden, in Worcestershire, backing onto the River Severn. An ancient Yew tree grows at the top of the garden, overlooking the whole site, hence the name of the website. The site is enjoyed by 5 rescue Border Collies and a Jack Russell!


Being wildlife enthusiasts, the owners have worked hard to develop the site with wildlife in mind.  There are a number of bird feeding stations and planting has been undertaken to provide both food and habitats for wildlife.


In summary, the site consists of:


- Woodland Area (A number of mature mixed deciduous trees)

- New Woodland Area (Over 100 native woodland species of tree have been planted)

- Wildlife Pond

- Ornamental Pond

- Orchards (Both mature and newly planted)

- Blackberry Scrub (A scrubby area, with mixed planting, brambles, dog rose, wild areas, with mown paths)

- Wildlife Hedgerows (Large lengths of maturing hedgerows with mixed berry-rich species)

- Wild flower meadow

- Mown grass areas

- Terraced beds with nectar-rich planting

- Artificial Badger sett

- Artificial Otter Holt

- 5 platforms down to River Severn

- Multiple Bird Feeding Stations







Through careful planting and management, the site already boasts an impressive list of species. With a site this large, however, it is very difficult to watch, keep an record of and truly see what wildlife is present. Wanting to be able to follow the stories of the wildlife and record some of the daily activities and species that make Yew View their home, the owners contacted Kate MacRae (AKA WildlifeKate) to make a visit to their site. Kate, whose wildlife garden and cameras have featured on  numerous TV programmes, including BBC Springwatch, was delighted to work on this site and develop it for monitoring and attracting wildlife.


Kate's website  and live cameras can be seen by clicking on the image below.


Kate will be working at Yew View to set up a series of wildlife cameras and trail cams as well as helping to further develop the site for wildlife.  She will document the progress, wildlife and upload clips to the site, managing the Yew View Flickr and YouTube channels as well as building and maintaining the website.






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