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Our Camera Footage

Over the last year or so, we have been installing a range of wired cameras around the site, using i-Catcher Console to manage and record all the wildlife that frequents the site. More details of the cameras we are using and the set-up will appear here in the coming months. We are hoping to live stream some of our cameras in the future.









We are also using a selection of Bushnell trail cameras to monitor the wildlife on the site. These remote, battery operated cameras will record a still or video whenever they detect movement. In daylight, the video is full HD, with audio. These cameras will be used all over the site to build up a picture of both what wildlife visits and the movements of this wildlife.


WildlifeKate is the Bushnell UK Ambassador and has extensive experience  using this kit.  We hope to capture some exciting footage at the YewView, especially around the river edge, where we are hoping to capture clips of otters!


Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 20.35.05 NatureView_transparent youtube

You can view lots of our Bushnell clips on our YouTube Channel

Moorhen86_00000 Badger&worm020_00001

...or you can check out our page on the website



Bushnell Footage

Raptor Boxes

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Find out more about our Owl & kestrel boxes and the footage we capture from them by clicking the link below.

Our Raptors Tawny Owl one_00000 Tawny Owl one_00001

Nest Boxes

We are in the process of putting up a range of nest boxes, all with cameras.  When the links are live, you will be able to follow the footage captured in each nest box.

Woodland Discovery Box

Greenhouse Discovery Box

Pond Side Box

Wall Starling Box

Badger Bank Starling Box

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Swallow Nest Cam 1

Vivotek Swallow Cams

Wren Cam


We have an artificial badger sett on site that is occupied by around 4 badgers. We have cameras on both entrances to monitor the comings and goings of the occupants. We also have a feeding station that the badgers visit regularly. In November 2015, we built an artifical badger sett, with 2 chambers, each with an HD camera inside.

Badger Sett Entrances

Small mammals

We have two small mammal feeding stations, one with a high res nest box camera inside and one with an HD Vivotek cam inside. We regularly have wood mice , voles and shrews visiting these feeding stations

Small Mammal Cam

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Still available for nesting!

Still available for nesting!

Woodland Side Box

Woodpecker Box

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Jackdaw/Stock Dove Box

Still available for nesting!

Still available for nesting!

Still available for nesting!

Still available for nesting!

Still available for nesting!

woodpecker box Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 17.38.47

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Blue tits nested this year

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Kingfisher Post

Visit our Kingfisher Post Page to see all the visitors to our wildlife pond.


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We have an artifical otter holt on site. Initially, we monitored it with Bushnell Trail cams. We now also have a wired HD camera at the site on a floating platform, due to sudden fluctuations in the river levels.

Otter Cams

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