Vivotek Tawny Box & Perch

Mounted with internal lighting and a HD Vivotek IP Camera, this box is mounted on the largest tree in the garden, overlooking the whole site. We also have a camera on the perch outside the box where Buzzards , as well as the owls, visit regularly. Through a mixture of wired cameras and Bushnell Traail cameras, we aimed to document as much as we can of our visitors!

P1080539 P1080544 P1080547

A selection of stills captured from footage inside  and outside of our Vivotek Tawny Box

Tawny Owl one_00010

This playlist show the visits to our box by the tawny pair. The male is slightly smaller and has a line of plain feathers in his wing. The female is larger and all her feathers appear patterned.


This pair showed a lot of interest and then, early in March, they stopped visiting.  We are hoping they will return next year and decide to nest.